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Role of GPs Within the Healthcare Systems
Topic Overview:

GP’ (General Practitioner) may be seen as „a doctor based in the community who treats patients with minor or chronic illnesses and refers those with serious conditions to a hospital “(Oxford Languages) or a backbone of the healthcare system. The part of the healthcare system where GPs are acting is called primary health care (PHC). According to the WHO, primary health care is important because it is the foundation of a strong health system. It leads to more equitable health across the community and leads to greater patient and health worker satisfaction. It means that the role of GPs is crucially important - it influences the access to health care and the quality of health care. The role of primary care workers varies from one country to another. The aim of the proposed cooperation is to study these variations: it means to identify them, to classify them and to discuss their consequences.


The concrete task would be discussed with the intern in order to find the scope that would be convenient to all of us. In our eyes, the internship could include one or more of the following tasks:
a) Identify roles and responsibilities of GPs and/or primary care nurses within the selected healthcare systems (the choice of countries would be discussed);
b) Discuss how the tasks are shared between different primary care workers in selected healthcare systems;
c) Discribe how and by whom the primary care is provided  within the selected healthcare systems;
d) Describe different models of PHC;
e) Propose a set of attributes characterising the PHC models, apply them and classify the studied systems;
f) Discuss the consequences of different role of GPs and nurses for the system and for the patient;
g) Discuss the different role of GPs in providing care for adults and children;
h) Identify and discuss the contemporary chalenges for PHC.


To be interested in the proposed topic; French language would be a plus.


Report and presentation.


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