University of Hradec Králové, Faculty of Informatics and Management, Department of Recreology and Tourism
Geopark As a Geotourism Destination – Its Contribution and Potential For Sustainable Development of Both Urban and Rural Areas
Topic Overview:

Geopark as a geotourism destination – its contribution and potential for sustainable development of both urban and rural areas.

Geotourism represents a specific form of sustainable tourism focusing on the interpretation of the Earth heritage (e.g. volcanic, glacial, karstic phenomena and landforms). Geoparks' management can be well considered as a specific form of tourism destination management. Geoparks, however, implement a wider scope of activities; geotourism is just one of them and serves primarily as a tool of environmental education and support of cultural identity of the people living in geopark. Destination management, on the other hand, is professionally specialized in tourism management so that the geopark usually cooperates with the destination management organization competent in its territory.

Due to their multidisciplinary, geoparks can engage persons with different qualifications, interests and competencies and improve life quality both in urban and rural areas, stressing the role of education and nature conservation.


Participation in the topic-related research (quantitative / qualitative), writing up journal article with the supervisor/s, processing a power point presentation, compilation of comparative studies and databases, participation in the topic-related online /hybrid events.


Responsibility, good communication skills, excellence in English (C1-C2 level). Spanish B2 or better is also appreciated. Interest in topic.


Joint journal article with the supervisor/s, power point presentations, comparative studies, databases.


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