University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Informatics and Management, Department of Applied Linguistics
Use of Artificial Intelligence in Foreign Language Education
Topic Overview:

This research will explore the usefulness of artificail intelligence (AI) in the process of foreign language education (FLE). This is an important issue since the present young generation was born into the technological environment and they perceive technologies as indispensable part of their everyday life, including education. However, they mainly use technologies in their informal learning, but there is not much research into the latest AI technologies in FLE. To cover this gap, this research aims to focus on evaluation of usefulness of these AI technologies and their directed and useful implementation into formal FLE. The research includes both quantitative and qualitative methods, e.g. questionnaire surveys, experiments, or interpretation analyses.


Conducting the set questionnaire surveys or experiments, analysing data, drafting parts of a joint article.


Candidate who are able to conduct a literature review in the world´s databases, such as Web of Science or Scopus, participate in performing questionnaire surveys or experiments, and possibly be able to do the statistical analysis.


A joint publication in a Scopus, Web of Science journal, preferably with an impact factor.


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