Palacký University in Olomouc, Faculty of Arts, Department of History
Historical Dimension of Czechoslovak-Brazil Relations
Topic Overview:

Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) and Brazil have a tradition of more than 100 years of bilateral diplomatic relations. However, historiographies on both sides of the Atlantic never researched them properly. Some topics were the object of interest but usually it was a one-sided interpretation. I believe this remote academic internship project can change it and introduce a modern internationalist approach and present both sides of a specific problem. Together with my Brazilian intern I plan to identify one specific chapter of Czechoslovak-Brazilian relations and research it from both perspectives. I will study the Czech archives and my counterpart the Brazilian ones, principally the Itamaraty historical archive. Together we will then write an article and submit it to a Scopus journal. Possible topics may be: Cold War cooperation; economic relations; cultural ties and so on.


Archival research and paper writing.


Interest in history and/or international relations. Experience with archival research is welcome.


Collaborative publication of one article.


http://dibrarq.arquivonacional.gov.br/index.php/arquivo-historico-do-itamaraty?sf_culture=en; http://ererio.itamaraty.gov.br/pt-br/arquivo_historico.xml; https://minrel.gob.cl/minrel/ministerio/archivo-general-historico/radi/archivo-de-la-cancilleria-de-brasil
Palacky University in Olomouc, Law Faculty
Film, Politics and Propaganda
Topic Overview:

The analysis of the connection between politics, ideology, propaganda and film reveals many elements of political thinking, as well as communicating political events. Cinema is an integral element of modern democracy. The course examines the verbalization and contextualization of important political, economic and social issues in film and television, and the portrayal of ideology. It uses an interdisciplinary approach to link politics, theory, and film and to demonstrate the value of film for political theory and practice.


Look up teaching and study material, article review, prepare interactive class material.
Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Centre for Ibero-American Studies
Banning Political Parties in Brazil
Topic Overview:

Very little is known about how and for what legal motives are (and could be) political parties banned in Brazil. This internship will ask the student to work with party laws in Brazil, their historical evolution and reforms, the legal reasons for different motives of party dissolution, actual instances of banning political parties. I am mostly interested in legal motives that ban parties for not reaching certain thresholds in elections (either certain number of votes or seats), but details of any other legal reasons are fine as well.


Looking for laws and historical cases of actual bans of political parties. Making a list of such banned parties and the reasons for their bans. Looking for debates surrounding the adoption of particular reasons of party bans.


This internship is generally suitable for students of political science (or law).


List of party bans, literature review.
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