Abstract: This paper offers a comprehensive exploration of the integration of solar energy resources and energy storage within the framework of the Smart Grid - an advanced electricity distribution network known for its capacity to enhance grid reliability and facilitate two-way communication between utilities and consumers. The global transition to sustainable energy sources has spurred the accelerated integration of solar energy, and the Smart Grid stands as a
pivotal platform for harnessing the potential of this renewable resource. My investigation delves into the components and functionalities of the Smart Grid, illuminating its role in facilitating the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy systems. Additionally, I scrutinize energy management systems as indispensable tools for optimizing grid performance. Topics such as grid resilience and localized energy management, exemplified by microgrids, are also explored, along with the associated economic and environmental benefits. By addressing these multifaceted aspects, our aim is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of solar energy integration within the Smart Grid. We offer insights into the technologies, challenges, and opportunities that underpin the journey towards a sustainable future characterized by efficient energy utilization.

Keywords: Smart grid, Solar energy, Renewable energy, Energy management, Grid control.
Optimizing Solar Integration in the Smart Grid
Aires da Silva, Gabriel
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Abstract: Even though terrorism does not have a universally accepted concept, the work follows Walter Laqueur's premise and classifies terrorism as any violent act carried out by non-state organizations with the objective of influencing the population and the current government. Therefore, this paper aims to argue the connections between the Lone Wolf phenomena and social media. The current work is primarily grounded in the qualitative approach, and the review of specialized literature is the main methodology chosen. The lone wolf is characterized by an individual who appears to have no connection to any organization but is willing to take up arms and spread terror in pursuit of this ideal. Even though the scale of their attacks may not be as significant as those of large organizations like Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, with current technologies, it's possible for an individual's or a small group's attack to attract as much attention as an attack organized by a larger group. Furthermore, lone wolves can achieve significant notoriety by producing viral content during their attacks or writing texts that encourage others to follow their lead. Anonymity and humor serve as a shield for posts classified as absurd on other platforms. The presence of humor and elements of pop culture is not accidental, and presenting their ideology with elements of popular imagination generates identification with a younger generation or appeals to the nostalgia of older users. Exploring the evolution of the study of terrorism and national security, linking them to how the advance of the internet helped shape a new vision of messages and propagandas.

Keywords: Terrorism, Lone wolf, Alt-right, Virtual Culture, Security Studies, International Relations, Cultural War.
Social Networks and Terrorism, How Online Alternative Right Culture Helped Shape Modern Terrorism and the Lone Wolf Fenomena
Aleluia Jaffré, Diego
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Abstract: This article delves into the challenges of automated route planning in robotics and logistics, emphasizing the genetic algorithm (GA) as a significant approach. The study conducts a thorough investigation of GA's capabilities in resolving route planning problems for mobile robots, encompassing both static and dynamic scenarios, as well as multi-robot coordination. The analysis, based on recent literature, highlights that modifying the genetic algorithm can effectively enhance its performance. Notable improvements were observed in convergence speed and the ability to avoid local minima, essential for achieving optimal or near-optimal solutions in complex route planning problems. This research contributes to advancing knowledge in route planning for mobile robots and offers valuable insights for researchers and practitioners interested in utilizing the genetic algorithm as a powerful tool to address optimization challenges in dynamic and multi-robot environments.

Keywords: Genetic algorithm, path planning, one or multiple robots, static and dynamic environment, variation and hybridization.
Variations and Hybridizations of Genetic Algorithms Enhance Performance in Automated Route Planning
Alencar Penha Carvalho, Daniel
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Abstract: The following article examines the emergence and role of the New Development Bank (NDB), established by the nations of the BRICS acronym, focusing on its contribution to sustainable development and global influence through the bank. The NDB's primary objective is to promote infrastructure projects and sustainable development, particularly in emerging or developing economies. To analyze the NDB's impact, a qualitative approach was employed, involving comprehensive analysis of various sources, including agreements, articles, and books. The study begins by exploring the bank's creation to enhance the global influence of BRICS countries, followed by an examination of its member states and operational areas. Subsequently, the article defines sustainable development and evaluates the NDB's role in advancing it. The importance of sustainable development will be underscored, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as a prominent global theme. The article highlights that businesses and banks, like the NDB, can adopt the SDGs in their agendas. For instance, the NDB offers loans and technical assistance to facilitate funding and project implementation. Notably, the bank has primarily been focusing on its founding member countries, but it could also aim to expand its reach to non-member nations. The potential of the NDB to promote sustainable development and enhance the geopolitical influence of BRICS nations is significant. Expanding the bank's projects to more countries and simplifying the investment process can further advance sustainable development and elevate the global leadership of BRICS nations. However, acknowledging ongoing efforts and complexities related to the NDB's role within the BRICS framework, more research is needed to comprehensively address this situation.

Keywords: BRICS New Development Bank, Sustainable development, Geopolitical influence, Financial and technical support.
Influence Propagation and Sustainable Development through the BRICS New Development Bank
Alencar Rolim França Pinto, Gabriel
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Abstract: O Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) is a rare condition characterized by bone fragility and deformities resulting from mutations in the COL1A1 and COL1A2 genes. This literature review emphasizes the clinical and pharmacological aspects associated with OI, with a special focus on the prognosis and impact on the lives of patients with this condition. Methodology: The literature review spanned from 2002 to 2022 and utilized four international databases. Nineteen articles addressing pharmacological interventions in humans with OI were selected, limited to the Portuguese and English languages. Results and Discussion: Pharmacological treatment with bisphosphonates, such as pamidronate, alendronate, and zoledronic acid, has shown benefits in bone density and fracture reduction, particularly in younger patients. However, the effectiveness of these treatments in adults, varying with the type of bisphosphonate and OI subtype, is less conclusive. Zoledronic acid has demonstrated promise in reducing clinical fractures, especially in children, suggesting its potential as an effective treatment. Conclusion: Advances in pharmacological treatment for OI offer hope for improving the quality of life of patients. Nevertheless, ongoing research is essential to develop more effective and personalized approaches. Collaboration among healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients plays a pivotal role in the management and treatment of this rare and challenging condition.

Keywords: Osteogenesis imperfecta, bisphosphonates, therapeutics
Pharmacological Therapy in Osteogenesis Imperfecta: A Literature Review
Alves da Costa Canella, Douglas
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Abstract: In our digitally transformative era, the widespread adoption of network technology has propelled us into an interconnected world teeming with diverse applications. However, amidst this digital evolution, the critical importancé of information and communication technology security cannot be overstated. Often overlooked are vulnerabilities within the data link layer, situated at a foundational OSI level, which pose substantial risks, particularly for private individuals and small networks. This study investigates the susceptibility of such entities to data link layer attacks, specifically targeting common threats like man-in-the-middle and ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) poisoning. Through controlled simulations employing easily accessible tools in virtual environments, the study evaluates the effectiveness of protective measures while concurrently revealing the lack of awareness among everyday technology users regarding data link layer vulnerabilities. The findings underscore the urgency of educational initiatives to empower individuals with the knowledge to recognize, prevent, and mitigate data link layer attacks, enhancing the security of network communications in our expanding digital landscape.

Keywords: Data link layer, User awareness, ARP spoofing, Cybersecurity
Unveiling Data Link Layer vulnerabilities: A Comprehensive Study on User Awareness
Alves Tavares, André Luis
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Abstract: Multiple Sclerosis is a complex and debilitating disease that affects the central nervous system, causing symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, vision problems, and cognitive issues. New research suggests that neuroplasticity may be a promising therapeutic avenue for treating Multiple Sclerosis. This research involved an exclusive search on PubMed for articles related to this topic, using the keywords "neuroplasticity" and "multiple sclerosis." In total, 19 articles were found that explored this possibility, primarily in clinical studies conducted between 2013 and 2023. The analysis of these articles was carried out to identify trends, relevant outcomes, and research gaps. The results obtained demonstrate the efficacy of neuroplasticity-based treatments, highlighting the importance of personalized and multidisciplinary approaches in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis based on neuroplasticity.

Keywords: Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroplasticity, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Clinical Trials, Disease Management.
Neuroplasticity in Multiple Sclerosis: A Therapeutic Approach
Amaral Poletti, Vitor
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Abstract: Education as a solution to other social issues has been advocated over the years, categorized as a human right and the subject of the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) by the United Nations. When analysing the city of Rio de Janeiro, numerous shortcomings in the structure of public security, addressed in the sixteenth Sustainable Development Goal, become evident. These shortcomings directly impact the objectives promised in the field of education, despite the presence of the Rio 2030 Agenda, which employs the UN's Agenda 2030 as a benchmark for the city's urban planning. The lack of dissemination of the data presented in the research discussed in this article highlights how the interconnection between SDGs is often subtle and not readily apparent at first glance. The compromised quality of education prevents obtaining a clearer path towards achieving the goal set by the UN.

Keywords: Education, Urban Violence, Rio de Janeiro, Sustainable Development Goals.
Interconnection of SDGs 4 and 16: Analysis of the city of Rio de Janeiro
André Dutra dos Reis, Amanda
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Abstract: Petroleum is one of the most valuable goods in our society, revered for its economic significance and pivotal role as a primary energy source. Alongside the process of modernization and urbanization, the explanation and influence of oil continue to increase in our world. Unfortunately, the usage and the refining processes of petroleum generate a series of environmental challenges. One of them is the pollution of aquifers caused by hydrocarbons of the BTEX type (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl-Benzene and Xylenes) - typically encountered in petroleum, these compounds are well-documented for their carcinogenic properties. In the pursuit to better conserve groundwater, this article aims to highlight the contamination that the BTEX causes in aquifers, as well as the solutions and remediations methods used in the preservation of groundwater. In pursuit of this objective, the article draws upon an analysis of empirical discoveries and studies conducted on the remediation of aquifers contaminated by petroleum.

Keywords: Petroleum, hydrocarbons, pollution, contamination, aquifers, groundwater.
Hydrocarbon Pollution in Aquifers: An Overview on its Mechanisms and Solutions
Araszewski Gomes da Silva, Ana Letícia
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Abstract: This paper intends to promote a brief discussion about how the New Development Bank (NDB) emerges as a new pole of economic and political power in the face of the political and economic instability experienced internationally. This is because, for a long time, Eastern European countries and the United States of America regulated international activities indirectly, through agreements where the former were in a privileged position compared to nations in the Global South. However, the crisis scenario in international politics created the right environment for the BRICS countries to create a new financial institution that would, in fact, meet the needs of these countries and the developing countries that became members. The following research uses a literature review to understand how the discourses and regulations that encompass the New Development Bank relate to its status as a global anti-hegemonic pole.

Keywords: Multipolarity, political power, governance, Global South, capitalism, instability.
A Philosophical Analysis about the Rise of the New Development Bank
Araújo Miranda, Carolina
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Abstract: Cannabis has been used over the years for healing and as a mind-altering drug. The expansion of cannabinoids in palliative care is leading to changes in legislation in many countries therefore permitting greater use of this substance prescribed for extended indications including palliative care, intractable epilepsy, chronic pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), and many other symptoms. This study is a literature review that aims to deliberate on the restrictions of the greater use of cannabinoids in patients who need palliative care. The research process for this study occurred in August 2023 and consisted of a search on the database platforms PubMed and Scholar Google using the keywords ‘Medical cannabis’, ‘palliative care’, ‘cannabinoids’, and ‘review’. The logical operators were also used for more precise results. Although the number of prescriptions of medicinal cannabinoids supplied by physicians is increasing such as the number of publications about the use of cannabinoids in palliative care, the evidence supporting it is still limited. This study aims to discuss the challenges of the use of cannabinoids in patients who need palliative care.

Keywords: Medical cannabis, palliative care, cannabinoids, review.
Challenges of the Greater Use of Cannabinoids in Palliative Care
Armada Maturana, Ricardo Manoel
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Abstract: This paper presents a brief summary of correlations between colonial discursive practices of depersonalization of the colonized subject and the descriptive classification format of symptoms present in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manuals of Mental Disorders), which gradually moved towards silencing the experience of the subject in psychological suffering. Through a dialogue between the concepts of Spivak, Said, Fanon and Michel Foucault, and contemporary thinkers in psychology and psychiatry, it was possible to observe the renewal of an authoritarian practice of control through the discourse. By placing the inferior Other in a stigmatized position that would, in contrast, sustain the existence of a position coined by the West as naturally superior. We conclude by highlighting the need to create devices to get closer to the subject and listen to them, in order to avoid repeating the cycle of deauthorization and subjugation.

Keywords: DSM, colonialism, mental-health, Fanon, Spivak, Said.
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - DSM as a Colonial Legacy
Asmuz Pereira de Aguiar Pinto, Ulysses
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Abstract: Carrying out the identification of a corpse is necessary within the scope of justice and to complete the cycle of life, together with family members and society. This identification through skeletonized, charred or decomposing bodies is a work that requires knowledge on the part of professionals and techniques that help in its recognition. Forensic dentistry is an area that evaluates and performs post-mortem (PM) exams, including imaging, being classified as intra and extraoral that can help in the identification of the individual. Comparison of images obtained in PM examinations with ante-mortem (AM) radiographs is a reliable and sensitive method, provided that the images are not distorted. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the possibility of identifying cadavers in the context of forensic dentistry through the aid of radiographic examinations of the oral cavity. The PICO strategy was used to formulate the question, and the search was performed in the following databases: Embase, Medline, Cochrane Library, Virtual Health Library and Google Scholar, between the years 2011 to 2021, 457 were found. articles, among these, 24 met the eligibility criteria and were included in the study. Intra and extraoral radiographs such as periapical, bite-wing, panoramic, and computed tomography are performed both AM and PM and when compared to identify a corpse, they have positive results and can be useful in the identification process.

Keywords: Forensic dentistry, dental radiology and diagnostic odontology.
Use of Imaging Tests in Forensic Dentistry for the Identification of Corpses – Integrative Review
Assolini Pinheiro Zanoti, Lays
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Abstract: In the oil industry, it is often necessary to use artificial lift methods to increase the energy of fluids to bring them to the surface. One of the most common types of artificial lift system is the Electric Submersible Pump (ESP), which is a reliable and efficient method for lifting fluids from deep wells or wells with low reservoir pressure. This paper presents a detailed analysis of an ESP pilot plant using a phenomenological modeling approach. The goal of the study is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the performance of the ESP system and to identify key factors that affect its efficiency and reliability. The study involves the collection of data on various parameters, such as flow rate, pressure, and power consumption, and the development of a phenomenological model to describe the behavior of the ESP system. The results of the analysis show that the phenomenological model accurately predicts the behavior of the ESP system and provides insights into the factors that affect its efficiency and reliability. The study contributes to the development of more efficient and effective methods for designing and operating ESP systems in the oil industry.

Keywords: Electric submersible pump, Artificial lift, Phenomenological modeling, Pilot plant.
Phenomenological Modeling and Analysis of an Electric Submersible Pump Pilot Plant
Azevedo Anunciação, Gabriel
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Abstract: The article originated from the author's observation of the methodologies used to identify High Abilities/Giftedness (HA/G) within the Brazilian educational system. The research, which employed Systematic Literature Review (SLR) methodology, revealed a lack of methodological uniformity in the Brazilian education system regarding the identification of students with HA/G. This article identified 19 articles between 2004 and 2020 that addressed this topic, listing the methodologies and theories cited, and constructing a table with all the references within these articles. In addition to this objective, the article explains the two most cited theories within the study's corpus as a foundation and guide for researchers interested in this field, along with a list of approximately 30 methodologies and/or theories applied and worked on in schools.

Keywords: High Abilities, Identification, Intelligence, Special Education e Gifted.
Am I Gifted? An Exhibition of Methods for Identifying Giftedness/High Abilities.
Azzani Braga, Bruno
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Abstract: When dealing with m echanical fatigue, making predictions about the life of materials subject to this type of failure presents itsel f as a persistent challenge. Throughout this continuous journey of studies and challenges, different methods have emerged to approach this complex issue. Among this process, the use of machine learning stands out as a promising w ay to predict life more acc urately and efficiently. This article , based on a literature review analyses and summarizes various current articles on fatigue analysis development using machine learning methods and presents relevant research findings. It is verified that machine learni ng models, in general demonstrates remarkable capabilities in fatigue life prediction, outperforming traditional models across a wide compliable range of applications. In conclusion , is possible to affirm that t he adaptability and precision of machine learning techniques in handling the complexities of fatigue analysis represent a significant advancement in predictions life , marking a notable shift in the field.

Keywords: Fatigue life prediction, machine learning, fatigue failure.
Fatigue Life Prediction Based on Machine Learning: A Literature Review
Balzer Maciel, Bruna
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Abstract: This article analyses the theme of folklore in Mário de Andrade's book “Macunaíma: a hero with no character”. To dissert it, I relied on theorists from the literary and linguistic fields. With the aim to observe the impact and intentions of the author in incorporating elements of Brazilian folklore into the work. The research follows the documentary research method and uses as reference some authors such as Bosi, Propp, and others. My research and analysis results indicate: (i) the development of Brazilian folklore concept through time; (ii) the folklore as a representation of Brazilian cultural identity, revealing genuine traits in opposition to European erudition and its role in the work. (iii) All this work is based on reading of “Macunaíma: a hero with no character”, as a literacy student aiming to understand how the multiple Brazilian narratives are collocated inside the book. Adding to the representations that Andrade’s work still has on Brazilian culture until the actual days, representing our past, present and future social.

Keywords: Macunaíma, Mário de Andrade, Brazilian Folklore, Literacy, Tales, Hero’s Journey.
Representations of Brazilian Folklore in “Macunaíma,” by Mário de Andrade
Baratela, Amanda
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Abstract: The Columbine massacre brought the world to its knees on April 20th 1999, when two shooters entered Columbine High School with the intention of bringing it down and making as many victims as they could. This research mainly consists of information from the time and from this day, in order to try to explain the part the media took by transforming this tragedy into a huge spectacle, as well as understanding how and why there are people around the world who still idealize the perpetrators.

Keywords: Columbine, massacre, shooting, media, spectacle.
Columbine Massacre and Its Everlasting Effects
Barbosa Moreti, Brena
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Abstract: Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune disorder with diverse manifestations, from mild to severe complications. The rising prevalence of autoimmune diseases, including SLE, is linked to factors like obesity, affecting about 30–40% of SLE patients. Obesity's impact on SLE pathogenesis involves adipose tissue's pro-inflammatory role, contributing to a low-grade inflammatory state and comorbidities. Studies indicate a potential link between Western diet, dysbiosis, and autoimmune diseases, though the relationship with SLE remains unclear. Despite associations with renal dysfunction, atherosclerosis, and decreased physical activity in SLE patients, scientific evidence on obesity's effects on SLE risk is limited. The aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and nutritional status, particularly focusing on the impact of obesity. Four databases (PubMed, ScienceDirect, Concensus, and SciSPace) were searched. Peer-reviewed papers published in English between 2013 and 2023 were reviewed and analyzed. Search terms were selected using PECO-S criteria: population (SLE patients with overweight and obesity or not), exposure (Overweight and obesity), comparison (Adults with SLE and adequate Body Mass Index), outcome (Disease activity, remission, inflammatory markers). A total of 18 studies were analyzed. We found eighteen relevant articles that addressed some factors that could be linked to the increase of the SLE for obese patients, such as: nutritional habits, medication, lipid profile, risk of cardiovascular disease, juvenile obesity and inflammatory profile. From the few studies published to date, the relationship between obesity and SLE is inconclusive Further studies will be necessary for a better understanding of this relationship.

Keywords: Systemic lupus erythematosus; obesity; nutritional status; juvenile obesity, cardiovascular disease.
Influence of the Overweight and Obesity on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Review
Barros Adamantino de Oliveira, Bruno
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Abstract: Mental factors such as pressure, emotional states, health response, or personal traits are acknowledged to have a major influence the intensity of manifestations in gastric-esophageal reflux condition.  The aim of the present study was to highlight the relationship among stress, psychological traits associated with acid reflux and perceptions of reflux symptoms. Two studies were used to analyze the relationship between reflux and anxiety. A retrospective transversal, made by Ji Min Choi, and another prospective, made by Xiao-Jun Yang. Both provided details about this association, in addition to highlighting the importance of endoscopic examination to identify reflux disease. Finally, this close conection between esophageal reflux disease and anxiety needs to be further explored, so that the guidelines may include a holistic treatment for GERD, improving the quality of life in patients affected by it.

Keywords: Reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease, proton pump inhibitors super endoscopy, mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, GERD.
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in Adults and Its Relation with Stress/Anxiety
Barroso Assuf, Isabela
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Barroso Assuf, Isabela
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From a Student’s View, Emotional and Physical Distress Induced by the COVID-19 Pandemic
Abstract: Social structures were challenged and reshaped with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The educational institutions to be assessed in this article, high school, and college, as structures for primary and higher education, respectively, were also affected. However, Brazil's longstanding social inequalities did not impact any other area as directly as education. Distance Learning, in Portuguese “Ensino à Distância” (EAD), the principal teaching tool used at the time, confronts socioeconomic barriers. Thus, the mental and physical complications that arose in students, as a direct byproduct of forced isolation, span various areas, including the inability to cope with the expectations created by themselves and their families during the tumultuous period of completing high school and taking entrance exams. Therefore, students need to be listened to, as a matter of utmost importance, so we, as a society, can understand the origins of their stress, considering that during the pandemic period, over 48 million students ceased attending the regular face-to-face activities of the pre-pandemic period (GRANDSIOLI et al, 2020) [1].

Keywords: COVID-19 education, distance learning, emotional distress, physical distress.
Abstract: The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the domain of renewable energy storage represents a pivotal advancement poised to reshape the landscape of sustainable energy solutions. This paper comprehensively examines the burgeoning body of research dedicated to the synergy between AI technologies and renewable energy storage systems. The study meticulously synthesizes a diverse array of scholarly contributions, encompassing publications from multidisciplinary domains ranging from engineering to computer science and environmental sciences. Through rigorous data mining and qualitative analysis, this review elucidates patterns, trends, and seminal methodologies that have emerged within this dynamic field. It unveils the spectrum of AI applications, including optimization algorithms, predictive modelling, and adaptive control strategies, all tailored towards enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and economic viability of energy storage solutions. The elucidation of key research findings and their contextualization within the broader landscape of renewable energy storage not only informs practitioners and researchers but also helps future trajectories of inquiry. Additionally, this review underscores the imperative for interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange in driving forward the transformative potential of AI in renewable energy storage. As society pivots towards a sustainable energy future, this synthesis of AI-enhanced storage technologies serves as a valuable tool navigating the way towards a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable energy ecosystem.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Energy Storage Systems (ESS), Smart Grid, Grid Optimization, Energy Storage Technologies, Literature Review, Sustainability, Data Analytics.
Artificial Intelligence Improving Renewable Energy Storage: A Literature Review
Bellini, Lucian Fernando
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Abstract: The text addresses the theme of verticalization in coastal cities, with a special focus on the city of Laguna, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Verticalization is a phenomenon where tall buildings are being constructed along the coastline, driven by population growth, tourism, and the demand for vacation residences. The text highlights the importance of considering solar access as a critical factor in the analysis of buildings and urban planning due to its impacts on quality of life, urban microclimate, and energy efficiency. It also mentions the need to revise the master plans of coastal cities to balance economic development with environmental preservation and community quality of life. The study concludes that uncontrolled verticalization affects building insolation and can cause urban problems, emphasizing the importance of regulatory measures for sustainable and high-quality urban development.

Keywords: Parametric analysis, solar access, verticalization of cities.
The Impact of Tall Buildings on the Solar Access of the Immediate Surroundings
Bittencourt Pilati, João Vitor
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Abstract: Economic development in agriculture based regions, as well as on other adjacent industries, is greatly dependent on the characteristics of the soil, and what it has that can be extracted by the people working on it. This article aims to better point down what aspects of the different soils in the southern-brazilian state of Santa Catarina have impacted the differing agricultural and economical developments in its multiple geographical sectors. The analysis of multiple studies regarding both agricultural practices, their economical impact, and the geological origins and soil properties in each region of the state were followed by comparison between works. It’s concluded that under poorer soil conditions, its preferred and most economically impactful use is of silviculture and fruit cultivation, that being long-cycled plants. The better the soil conditions, the more impacted its region’s economy are by growth of short-cycled cultivars, such as grain, or even usage of the farmable area to grow livestock, swine and birds. Notably, all mentioned activities occuring in the regions in wich they are not the most economically relevant are mostly performed by smaller, family run farms as subsistence or secondary income.

Keywords: Soil analysis, Brazilian economics, Geology, Santa Catarina, Agriculture.
Connection Between Soil and Economy of Plateaus of Santa Catarina
Bleichvel Oneda, Eduardo
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Abstract: This article presents a comprehensive literature review on the concept of the Psychic Apparatus, the research aimed to provide an organized overview of Freud's model of mental activity, while highlighting the key works that contributed to its formulation. Originally proposed by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) as a mind model to comprehend psychic activity, the Psychic Apparatus is “constructed of several parts, each of which performs a particular function, and which have a  ixed, spatial relation to one another”. Its development unfolded across several of his seminal works, such as “The Interpretation of Dreams” (1900), “The Unconscious” (1915), and “The Ego and the Id” (1923), leading this sophisticated concept to be frequently misunderstood or supericially comprehended even by psychologists, often overlooking, as Freud pointed out, its several parts, particular functions, and spatial relations. In this literature review, Freud's seminal works were analyzed along with relevant books and research papers obtained from open-access databases. As a result, this process enabled a systematic structuring of the Psychic Apparatus, organizing its architecture based on its distinct systems and functions, ultimately enhancing the overall comprehensibility. Remarkably, even a century after its last update, Freud's mind model remains fundamental in psychoanalytic theory, underscoring the signiicance of this review. Moreover, an organized approach also holds potential for future reinterpretations of the model, particularly within the context of contemporary neuroscience and cognitive research, considering the numerous advancements and attempts to bridge the gap between the psyche and the brain that has emerged since Freud's last works.

Keywords: Psychoanalysis, Psyche, Unconscious, Preconscious, Id, Ego, Super-ego, Literature Review.
The Psychic Apparatus Architecture: A Review of Freud’s Centenary Mind Model
Borelli, Bruno Renan
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Abstract: Given the capacity of information, ideas, and knowledge to change interests and preferences in International Society, we can see the growing inclination towards the production of specialized knowledge in the search for influence in the most diverse decision-making arenas. Ideas, knowledge, and science matter and can be decisive in decision-making processes. The purpose of this research is to verify, in a comparative way, how the level of scientific knowledge is produced by different Think Tanks that operate in the Anglo-American axis. Two Think Tanks will be compared: (a) Chatham House, from the United Kingdom, and (b) Council on Foreign Relations, from the United States, in their actions in the face of the Ukrainian War (started in 2022). The research will use the comparative method and the technique of comparative case studies, as well as documentary analysis.

Keywords: Think Tanks, Chatham House; Council on Foreign Relations, decision-making arenas, public policies, International Society.
Between Ideas and Interests: A Comparative Study on the Levels of Scientific Production of Chatham House and the Council on Foreign Relations in the Face of the Ukrainian War (2022)
Borges, Lucas da Silva
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Abstract: Veterinary drug poisoning is a growing problem in Brazil related to the indiscriminate use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and veterinary medicines in agriculture, livestock and animal health. This article discusses the causes, diagnostic and treatment challenges, and social implications of this problem. In Brazil, which stands out as one of the largest agricultural producers in the world, exposure and contamination of veterinary medicines have increased. This increased exposure represents a significant threat to human and animal health and the environment. Cases of veterinary drug poisoning affect both agricultural workers and domestic and wild animals, contributing to environmental pollution and loss of biodiversity. The diagnosis and treatment of poisoning caused by veterinary medicines is complex, due to the diversity of substances and the different symptoms that can occur in humans and animals. Furthermore, the lack of awareness about the safe use of these products and the lack of adequate regulations contribute to the persistence of this problem. This article highlights the urgent need for stricter regulations, effective surveillance and awareness strategies to mitigate the harms of veterinary drug poisoning. The protection of public health in Brazil depends on the implementation of preventive and curative measures. A comprehensive understanding of this complex issue is important to guide national policies and sustainable agricultural practices aimed at reducing the risks associated with these harmful products.

Keywords: Product poisoning, Veterinary Products, Brazil.
Human Poisoning by Veterinary Products in Brazil: Descriptive Analysis (2007 - 2022)
Botelho de Oliveira, Gustavo
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Abstract: In recent years, data analysis has emerged as a critical tool for shaping public policies, offering a more comprehensive understanding of reality and uncovering patterns that may elude human perception. Within this context, Large-Scale Assessments (LSAs) stand out as invaluable sources of high-quality data, holding tremendous potential to inform and guide decision-makers. Among these LSAs, the National High School Exam (ENEM) administered in Brazil plays a pivotal role. With over 3 million candidates participating each year, the ENEM serves as a prerequisite for admission to the majority of the country's top public universities. This extensive examination encompasses 180 questions across diverse subject areas, including an essay component. Additionally, candidates are given the option to complete a socio-economic and cultural questionnaire. Importantly, the data of all participants are made publicly available every year while preserving their anonymity. This rich dataset empowers researchers to uncover performance patterns and meticulously scrutinize the influence of multifaceted factors, including socio-economic variables, cultural elements, teaching methodologies, school management practices, and geographical disparities on students' scores. This, in turn, allows for a profound understanding of critical national issues, ranging from the effectiveness of public policies to the far-reaching consequences of socio-economic inequalities. While a significant body of literature in Portuguese has been dedicated to exploring these themes, an observable dearth of articles published in English prevails within this realm, posing an obstacle to international access to essential information concerning one of the world's most extensive educational systems. This study endeavors to indentify the size of this scientific gap and shed light on the predominant themes addressed in English-language publications.

Keywords: Large-Scale Assessments, Education, Brazil, literature review, High School National Exam.
Analysis of ENEM Data in an Educational Context: An English Literature Review
Bueno, Bernardo José
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Abstract: This article's theme is dialogues between Financial Education and Public Policies in the Brazilian and Czech spheres. It aims to analyze its rationalities and intentionality, especially about its potential scope, without disregarding its limits in the face of the crises experienced in the world. Due to the need to establish a theoretical and methodological framework for this article, some analytical lenses were established in order to contextualize financial education within relations with international organizations. The study has characteristics of qualitative research of a documentary nature. The corpus analysis and selection process in documents from international organizations such as the OECD. Financial education can be understood as a possibility for social and economic development, as financially educated individuals will be able to manage their resources better and make more assertive decisions. However, one cannot look into this area without problematizing whether contemporary processes related to financial education sometimes do not also have the pretext of establishing dynamics of blaming and making individuals responsible for their own vulnerabilities.

Keywords: Financial Education. Public Policy. Brazil. Czech Republic.
Financial Education in Brazil and the Czech Republic
Burg Viana, Beatriz
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Abstract: The nowadays economy and ways to produce is a result of transformations and the most recent is the advance of technology due the increment of human capital in the productive methods. The investment in people is where the innovations come and, in order to do that, the countries and the companies value the education and specialization of the individual improving their abilities and skills. The presence of research universities creates an impact in regional and national economies, so to analyze this impact is important to certify the advance of the whole society. The studies have shown advantages and disadvantages in the methods used which reveals a difficulty in the measurement of the benefits of investing in people. This work objective is to review the methods used to measure the impact of education in economic development.

Keywords: Human Capital, Education Impact, Higher Education, Investment, Universities.
The Difficulties in Measure the Impact of Education on Economic Development: A Review of Used Methods
Carneiro Matias Araújo, Hiágina
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Abstract: Mental factors such as pressure, emotional states, health response, or personal traits are acknowledged to have a major influence the intensity of manifestations in gastric-esophageal reflux condition.  The aim of the present study was to highlight the relationship among stress, psychological traits associated with acid reflux and perceptions of reflux symptoms. Two studies were used to analyze the relationship between reflux and anxiety. A retrospective transversal, made by Ji Min Choi, and another prospective, made by Xiao-Jun Yang. Both provided details about this association, in addition to highlighting the importance of endoscopic examination to identify reflux disease. Finally, this close conection between esophageal reflux disease and anxiety needs to be further explored, so that the guidelines may include a holistic treatment for GERD, improving the quality of life in patients affected by it.

Keywords: Reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease, proton pump inhibitors super endoscopy, mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, GERD.
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in Adults and Its Relation with Stress/Anxiety
Carraro Serra Gomes da Silva, Lucas
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Carraro Serra Gomes da Silva, Lucas
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From a Student’s View, Emotional and Physical Distress Induced by the COVID-19 Pandemic
Abstract: Social structures were challenged and reshaped with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The educational institutions to be assessed in this article, high school, and college, as structures for primary and higher education, respectively, were also affected. However, Brazil's longstanding social inequalities did not impact any other area as directly as education. Distance Learning, in Portuguese “Ensino à Distância” (EAD), the principal teaching tool used at the time, confronts socioeconomic barriers. Thus, the mental and physical complications that arose in students, as a direct byproduct of forced isolation, span various areas, including the inability to cope with the expectations created by themselves and their families during the tumultuous period of completing high school and taking entrance exams. Therefore, students need to be listened to, as a matter of utmost importance, so we, as a society, can understand the origins of their stress, considering that during the pandemic period, over 48 million students ceased attending the regular face-to-face activities of the pre-pandemic period (GRANDSIOLI et al, 2020) [1].

Keywords: COVID-19 education, distance learning, emotional distress, physical distress.
Abstract: As biomedical nanomaterial applications advance, the concomitant escalation of unanticipated interactions between two-dimensional nanomaterials and biological or pharmaceutical constituents poses a growing concern. The meticulous examination of potential graphyne interactions serves not only to mitigate the occurrence of unforeseen biochemical complications but also to catalyse the creation of related medical treatments. Graphyne, a nanomaterial of substantial interest, has garnered attention for its multifaceted utility, including drug delivery mechanisms, DNA interaction, radiation protection, enzyme substitute, and cholesterol removal, among other applications. A comprehensive analysis of scholarly literature about this subject increases the popularisation of varieties of this nanomaterial. To ascertain potential interactions, an array of methodologies was further explained, including Density-functional theory (DFT), Density of States (DOS and PDOS), Charge Decomposition Analysis (CDA), and Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Furthermore, this extensive review will include a nuanced examination of structural variations of graphyne, regarding its acetylene linkages. Despite the extensive diversity of graphyne variants beyond the commonly known alpha, beta, and gamma forms, the alternative manifestations might be omitted in the scope of biomedical simulations. To systematically embrace the extensive range of variations, we shall employ the nomenclature "GnYf". The primary focus is to elucidate the biochemical implications of such structural configurations.

Keywords: Graphyne, Molecular Dynamics, Biochemistry, Drug Delivery, Radiation, Nanozyme, Antibacterial, Photothermal therapy, Biosensing.
Interactions Between Graphyne and Biological Constituents
Carvalho Mathias, Susan
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Abstract: The main objective of this article is to analyse and examine the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which is a grand global regional integration project led and financed by China, involving many countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. BRI aims at its core to promote trade, investment, infrastructure, connectivity and cultural exchange between the countries that participate in it and is currently seen as one of the largest development initiatives in history and a key factor in the contemporary International System. The paper in question uses a broad literature review based on articles from Google Scholar and economic analysis websites to analyse the main aspects concerning BRI, such as its historical context, its short and long-term objectives, its role in the foreign policy of Beijing, the geopolitical and power dimensions, the economic benefits and challenges of implementing this initiative on the global geopolitical scenario and the implications of its existence and development for the world order. The key argument for the article is that China pursues both multilateral cooperation and self-interest through BRI, using strategic investments to gain advantages in areas such as transport, energy and security. However, the article also considers the possibility that BRI could end up partaking in some form of debt-trapped diplomacy, creating economic dependence and political alignment of many countries with China, and challenging the Western order.

Keywords: International Relations, Belt and Road Initiative, China, Geopolitics, Foreign Policy.
The Belt and Road Initiative and its Implications for the International System
Caselato, Joab Miguel
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Abstract: The production of healthcare waste has seen a consistent global increase. Of all the waste generated in healthcare establishments, research centers and laboratories associated with medical procedures, 85% is made up of non-hazardous waste, which contains the most diverse materials, including those that can potentially be recycled. This study aimed to analyze the recycling potential of solid waste from a Brazilian public university hospital with the characterization of solid residue generated, helping to improve segregation systems in hospital environments and essential actions for the sustainable management of hospital waste. To do this, a form was used to collect information from 14 locations in the hospital, consisting of administrative areas and receptions with public access, where the contents of 67 waste containers without any major risk of infected materials were observed, as well as the presence of activities with the potential to influence the types of materials deposited in these containers. Ten different groups of materials were observed, the most frequent of which were paper, plastic cups and general plastic, all potentially recyclable. Of all the containers, 80.60% contained paper, 35.82% plastic cups and 28.36% general plastic. However, when looking at the total amount of waste generated by the hospital in the first 6 months of 2023, it was possible to see that only a small amount is sent for recycling, which can be explained by the difficulty of correctly segregating the materials. As a result, the use of marketing strategies to raise awareness among hospital employees and visitors is a possible solution for recycling a greater amount of waste.

Keywords: Healthcare waste, recycling, public hospital, waste container, waste characterization.
Potential for General Healthcare Waste Recycling in a Brazilian Public University Hospital
Cassanho Froes, Mayara
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Abstract: This study focused on the Saco da Fazenda estuary in Brazil, an area affected by nickel contamination, and aimed to identify nickel-resistant bacteria with bioremediation potential. Sampling took place at two locations, with point 2 showing a higher degree of microbial adaptation to nickel. Nine isolates capable of thriving in a 1M nickel concentration were selected for further characterization, and they predominantly exhibited morphological and physiological traits associated with the Bacillus genus, potentially Bacillus cereus. Two standout isolates, namely LAMA 1507 and LAMA 1508, retained their nickel resistance under laboratory conditions. These isolates showed promise in nickel removal, likely employing biosorption or bioaccumulation mechanisms. However, both isolates displayed antimicrobial activity against Vibrio fisheri, even without nickel, a common characteristic in their taxonomic group. This research underscores the importance of exploring microbial communities in contaminated environments for potential bioremediation candidates. While LAMA 1507 and LAMA 1508 exhibit strong nickel removal potential, their antimicrobial activity highlights the need for comprehensive studies on these isolates for effective environmental remediation strategies.

Keywords: Estuarine environments, Nickel-resistant bacteria, Bioremediation
Isolation and Evaluation of Nickel-Resistant Bacteria from Estuary Sediment of Itajaí River
Castro do Nascimento, Maria Eduarda
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Abstract: The evaluation of industrial assets is an essential process to ensure the reliability and availability of equipment. The combination of data-based Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the input from maintenance technicians can provide a more comprehensive assessment of assets. In this article, the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method was employed to combine data-based KPIs and the opinions of maintenance technicians in evaluating six industrial equipment. The results demonstrated that the amalgamation of these criteria is effective in identifying the most critical equipment for the production process. These findings can be used to prioritise maintenance investments, which can contribute to enhancing the reliability and availability of the equipment.

Keywords: Industrial asset assessment, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Maintenance technicians' opinions, SAW method (Simple Additive Weighting method), Prioritization of maintenance investments.
Prioritization of Industrial Assets Using SAW Method
Cavalcante de Sousa, Alisson
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Abstract: Purpose: This systematic review aimed to assess the effectiveness of Semaglutide in promoting weight loss among individuals with obesity or overweight, providing an evidence-based reference for clinical treatment. Methods: We conducted a comprehensive search of PubMed, database for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating the monotherapy Semaglutide injections up to April 2022. Results: In this review, we analyze six selected studies focusing on Semaglutide's efficacy in weight reduction among obese individuals. These randomized trials compared different Semaglutide doses with placebos or alternative treatments. The findings consistently demonstrate significant weight loss across all Semaglutide groups, making it a promising intervention for obesity management. These studies provide valuable insights into the potential benefits of Semaglutide in achieving weight loss goals for individuals with obesity. Conclusion: This systematic review demonstrates that semaglutide are more effective than placebo in promoting weight loss among individuals with obesity or overweight. These findings provide valuable insights into the clinical use of GLP-1RAs for weight management in obese and overweight individuals.

Keywords: Semaglutida, Weight Loss, Obesity.
Effectiveness of Semaglutide in Weight Reduction in Patients with Obesity: A systematic Review
Cendon de Paula, Mateus
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Abstract: Within the literature, much research has addressed the possible correlation between ASD and ED. A narrative literature review was carried out with the objective of investigating the most recent articles that addressed the clinical relationship between these two diagnoses in order to facilitate the current understanding of the theme. The articles available for viewing in the Scopus, Pub Med and Scielo databases were selected, having as inclusion criteria the publications in English from 2013 – 2023. Among the articles studied, it was possible to understand that most individuals with ASD present symptoms of ED's, which is closely linked to sensory sensitivity, food selectivity, food neophobia and repetitive patterns of behavior. The classic treatment for ED is not very effective in autistic patients. From this clinical correlation, it is evident the importance of professionals knowing how to deal with atypical patterns of eating disorders that differ from conventional treatment and being able to formulate a diagnosis of ASD to guide an individualized and effective treatment.

Keywords: Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Eating Disorder, Anorexia, Bulimia, Feeding Disorder.
Association Between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Eating Disorder: A Narrative Literature Review
Clozer Pinheiro Garcia, Thaís
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Abstract: Jão is the artistic name of the 28 years old Brazilian Pop Singer and Songwriter “João Vitor Romania Balbino” and this article consists in a qualitative exploratory case study based on trying to understand how could the Brazilian singer “Jão” become a national pop phenomenon, and which events could have contributed to his meteoric rise and success among his vast and diverse audience in Brazil. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a phenomenon could be described as: “someone or something that is extremely successful, often because of special qualities or abilities”. However, when it is talked about a pop phenomenon, it could be explained and measured as of how successful and important this person, movie or trend can impact a specific target or public. Can someone be able to witness and determine the chronological facts that would add up to an ascension phenomenon? A phenomenon who still isn’t at the end of the career, but, actually, just in its ascension era? This is the main objective of the present study, since it's intended to examine the extent of the singer's success and its profound impact on a country where pop music is on the 6th place of the most listened genres.

Keywords: Pop, Pop/Rock, Music, Brazilian Pop, Entertainment, Youth Culture, Brazilian Popular Music, Pop Culture, Cultural Industry, Jão.
Jão: Understanding the Brazilian Pop Phenomenon
Collin dos Santos, Anne Caroline
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Abstract: Stem cell therapy, while offering promise for once-intractable diseases, faces safety concerns due to unchecked private clinic treatments. This review provides a comprehensive overview of stem cell-based therapies in human and veterinary medicine. Tracing stem cell therapy's evolution from its 1930s inception to today's groundbreaking induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), it highlights iPSCs' potential for diseases like Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis. Examining various stem cell types—embryonic stem cells (ESCs), tissue-specific progenitor stem cells (TSPSCs), mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), and iPSCs—it explores their advantages and challenges. Adult stem cells, ethically sourced from specialized tissues, shine in hematopoietic transplants. Directed differentiation, critical for specific cell lineage transformation and teratoma prevention, is discussed. Strategies like culture manipulation and molecular cues are outlined, with acknowledged in vivo challenges. Stem cell therapy's potential is evident in addressing neurodegenerative diseases, spinal cord injuries, ocular disorders, and diabetes. However, realizing its full potential mandates further research and rigorous clinical trials. In veterinary medicine, stem cell therapy is relevant, especially for equine and canine injuries and joint issues, relying on mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow and adipose tissue. While stem cell therapy holds promise, challenges persist in differentiation, safety, and the need for well-structured clinical trials. Continued research and development are crucial to unlock its full regenerative potential.

Keywords: Stem cell, diseases, treatment, pluripotent, degenerative, ESCs, TSPSCs, MSCs, iPSCs, transplants, research, clinical trial, regenerative.
The Future of Medicine and its Wide-Ranging Applications
Comunian, Fernanda
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Abstract: The present article discusses the internal audit responsibility, it’s role in the company’s corporate governance and the activities addressed by the audit. The article mainly focuses on data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies that once implemented have the potential to help the internal auditor in many ways, such as, but not limited to, increasing productivity and permitting better results in the analysis. The internal audit is a very important engine in the governance framework of the company, mainly because this area has two different characteristics, the objectivity of the analysis and the independence of the reports. However, currently in many companies the professionals carry out activities manually consequently spending a lot of time, for example, with database analysis, regulation comparison, preparation of standard reports, etc. The time spent in activities such as these could be better used by the application of digital technologies. The researches here presented were developed using analytical descriptive methods. The necessary data were obtained by the use of internet media to resource the journals and articles cited in this article. As a result of this analysis there are demonstrated many uses for these tools and technologies. Artificial intelligence and data analytics when combined unlock the real potential to improve the audit results, increase efficiency and save time. In conclusion, some practical applications for these technologies in the internal audit industry are here demonstrated.

Keywords: Internal Audit, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Innovative Technologies, Three Lines of Defense, Corporate Governance.
The Use of Innovative Technologies in Internal Audit: Discussion About New Features
Correa Fernandes, Guilherme
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Abstract: In this article, we delve into the influence of audience behavior on modern-day Cinema and the ways in which it can enhance the debut and genuineness of movies. Our focus was on two highly anticipated films set to release in 2023, Barbie and Oppenheimer, known as Barbenheimer, both of which have garnered attention for their exceptional and organic union made by the audience that ends up involving and captivating viewers through various forms of media. This phenomenon has resulted in increased audience involvement and what we refer to as a "movement" in this article.

Keywords: Contemporary Cinema, Convergence, Audience, Barbenheimer.
Barbenheimer - Convergence in Contemporary Cinema
Correa Moreira Lima, Mônica
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Abstract: This study investigates the strategic integration of Instagram and YouTube for science dissemination, specifically focusing on Manual do Mundo, a prominent science communicator in Brazil with more than 20 million followers on its digital networks. It seeks to expand the understanding of effective science communication in the digital age by highlighting the advantages of tailoring content to each platform's unique attributes. The research offers valuable insights into Manual do Mundo's audience engagement strategies. To assess the effectiveness of this integration, the study analysed three instances of Instagram and YouTube integration employed by Manual do Mundo, in particular two cases in which Instagram Reels and YouTube videos addressed the same scientific topic and one case where an Instagram post promoted a podcast exclusively available on Manual do Mundo's YouTube channel. This analysis also included relevant metrics and audience engagement. Ultimately, this strategic integration contributes significantly to advancing scientific literacy and enhancing accessibility in today's interconnected digital landscape.

Keywords: Scientific Dissemination, YouTube, Instagram, Social Media, Manual do Mundo.
The Strategic Integration of Instagram and YouTube in Scientific Dissemination - A Case Study of Manual do Mundo
Costa, Luiza
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Abstract: The article explored an innovative bioreactor-based coffee fermentation process, closely mirroring the natural digestive system of civets. This intricate process unfolded in three distinct stages: Stomach Replication: In the first stage, the bioreactor replicates the solution present in the stomach of civets. Intestine Emulation: Moving to the second stage, the bioreactor emulates the conditions found within the intestines of these animals. Colon Fermentation: The third and final stage involves the introduction of lactic acid bacteria, mirroring the fermentation process that occurs in the colon. Lactic acid bacteria are added at concentrations aligning with those observed in the civet's small intestine. The research presented the proximate analysis of coffee, encompassing parameters such as water content, ash content, lipid, protein, and carbohydrate. Notably, the findings reveal that while there are no significant differences in water content, ash content, and lipid content between bioreactor/artificial luwak coffee and the original luwak coffee, the protein content in artificial luwak coffee exceeds that of the original luwak coffee. This suggests that the bioreactor process effectively mitigates protein degradation
that typically occurs during natural fermentation. This degradation is attributed to the acidic environment within the civet's digestive system, with the article emphasizing that the addition of an acid solution during research does not harm the coffee beans. In fact, it enhances the quality of coffee beans, as supported by previous studies.

Keywords: Coffee, Enzyme, Fermentation, Exotic, Quality.
Altering the Physical-Chemical Properties of Coffee Using Digestive Enzymes
Costa Castelli, Mellanye
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Abstract: The promotion of health and the well-being of the patient is one of the main goals of health professionals. In certain common dental procedures, it can cause transient bacteremia, significantly increasing the risk of developing an infectious process. Antibiotic prophylaxis is assumed as a preventive measure, providing concentrations of the antibiotic in the blood, in order to prevent bacterial proliferation and dissemination. Antibiotic prophylaxis is used for two different purposes: to prevent infections at the surgical site, and infections at a distance. Thus, the aim of this article is to review the literature on the use of antibiotic prophylaxis during dental treatment. With protocols already established for antibiotic prophylaxis in patients with a predisposition to endocarditis and immunosuppressed patients according to the type of procedure performed, since the indications depend on specific factors and must be analyzed individually, given that if administered correctly, it denotes efficacy against to possible postoperative complications.

Keywords: Antibiotic prophylaxis, Dental treatment, Dentistry.
Antibiotic Prophylaxis and Dental Treatment
Costa Junior, Florival
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Abstract: Elderly individuals are becoming increasingly important due to demographic transition. This leads to new demands in terms of public health policies. In this regard, the greater use of medications by the elderly increases the risk of adverse health outcomes, which need to be assessed. Objectives: to identify the knowledge regarding the use of medications by the elderly in the context of primary health care produced between the years 2013 and 2023. Methods: a systematic review conducted on the Scopus and PubMed databases, with articles published between 2013 and 2023, focusing on polypharmacy among the elderly in primary health care. Results: the search yielded 471 articles, which, after applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria, resulted in the selection of 19 articles for inclusion in this review. Discussion: the selected studies addressed topics related to the use of polypharmacy by the elderly, highlighting: inappropriate medication prescribing, risk factors for polypharmacy, as well as solutions that facilitate medication management for the elderly. Conclusion: deprescription is a promising measure for reducing polypharmacy therapy among the elderly. To reduce complications and errors associated with this therapy, there is a need for collaborative efforts among healthcare professionals, the patient, and the family group.

Keywords: Primary Health Care, Polypharmacy, Potentially Inappropriate Medications, Family Health Strategy, Elderly People.
Primary Health Care and Use of Polypharmacy By the Elderly: Literature Review
Costa do Rego, João Pedro
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Abstract: The global quest for sustainable and renewable energy sources has become increasingly urgent in the face of contemporary energy and environmental challenges. In this context, biodigesters have emerged as a promising and ecologically viable solution for energy generation. Biodigesters enable the production of biogas, a renewable fuel derived from the anaerobic decomposition of organic materials, including agricultural waste, food residues, and sewage sludge. This decomposition process is orchestrated by specific bacteria under carefully controlled conditions of temperature, pH, and humidity within the biodigester. During this decomposition, the bacteria generate biogas, primarily composed of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Biogas can be captured, stored, and employed as fuel in internal combustion engines or electricity generators. The capture and utilization of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, significantly contributes to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Nonetheless, a notable challenge in utilizing organic waste and municipal sewage lies in the high concentration of human feces. To address this challenge, this study investigates the feasibility of utilizing human feces as a co-substrate for biogas production. The study reveals promising results in biogas production from human feces, albeit with certain limitations. Biogas production initiated slowly, followed by gradual increases, but declined towards the experiment's end due to unregulated pH levels and an increase in ammonia nitrogen concentrations. Temperature fluctuations between 25°C and 35°C were also observed to influence biogas production. These findings imply the potential for co-digestion of human feces with other substrates, such as cattle and poultry manure, to enhance biogas production and digestate utilization. The study emphasizes the need for further research to optimize co-digestion ratios, making the process not only economically viable but also environmentally sustainable. In summary, this study underscores the significance of biodigesters as a renewable energy source, offering a promising solution for organic waste management and the reduction of environmental impact. However, it underscores the importance of careful consideration of substrate composition and operational conditions to maximize biogas production. Further investigations are recommended to fine-tune co-digestion parameters, with the aim of achieving enhanced efficiency in biogas production and digestate utilization.

Keywords: Biogas, Substrates, Anaerobic Digester. Biogas Production, Anaerobic Digestion, Sewage Sludge.
Biogas Production: By Sewage and Human Feces
Costenaro Chiapin da Silva, João Pedro
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Abstract: Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is a multifactorial autoimmune pathology associated with the complete inability to produce insulin, as a result of the destruction of insulin-producing β-cells on the pancreas islets of Langerhans. The disease is the most common chronic metabolic illness during childhood and adolescence, being directly affected by factors such as genetics, environment, diet and exercise, which can lead to more predisposition to develop this condition. A cure for T1DM is not available and patients depend on strict life-long treatments and medical monitoring, which is a difficulty since those most affected have young age and, consequently, have more obstacles on adapting appropriately to the therapy, being more prone to develop complications. The main worsenings of this disease are cardiovascular involvement, ketoacidosis, nephropathy, retinopathy and neuropathy that can be developed in the long and short term after diagnosis, decreasing life-quality and life expectancy of individuals with T1DM. Thus, it is crucial to have a high knowledge about these pathology complications, in order to identify decompensations, avoiding irreversible injuries and sequels on patients that can lead to
high morbimortality.

Keywords: Type 1 diabetes mellitus, complications, insulin and decompensations.
Complications of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus during Childhood and Adolescence
Cunha Baptista, Carolina
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Abstract: Introduction: Acquired syphilis is an infectious disease caused by the spirochete Treponema pallidum, transmitted through sexual intercourse or extragenital contagion. According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that there are 12 million new cases per year, and the pathology has different stages of evolution. Objective: Control the infection and monitorate treatment through a correct diagnosis, especially in relation to dermatological lesions. Methods: Thirteen articles were collected in English and Portuguese, from 2006 to 2023, on Scielo, PubMed, Uptodate and Google Scholar platforms. In addition to these bibliographic sources, the book “Dermatologia Azulay” and Brazilian Ministry of Health protocols was also used. Results: Studies have shown an increase in the number of cases of the disease and demonstrated the epidemiological and spatial profile of the pathology. Discussion: Dermatological lesions in acquired syphilis have many details, with specific differences according to the period of chronological evolution. This chronology is divided into recent syphilis, which presents primary and secondary syphilis, with less than a year of evolution, and late syphilis, with tertiary syphilis with more than a year of evolution. It is also worth noting that the degree of infectivity reduces over time, however it can progress to more serious levels. Diagnosis is difficult due to the symptoms that are not exclusive to the disease, and detailed analysis of each phase of the disease is essential. In addition, there are screening and diagnostic tests, essential for diagnostic analysis and choosing the appropriate treatment. Conclusion: Acquired syphilis is of notable importance due to its widespread virulence and ability to generate multiple complications in humans, requiring correct diagnosis in order to control
symptoms and the chain of transmission.

Keywords: Syphilis; Treponema pallidum; Dermatology; Diagnosis.
Relevance of Dermatological Lesions in Acquired Syphilis
Cunha Cancela, Fernanda
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Abstract: Cannabis has been used over the years for healing and as a mind-altering drug. The expansion of cannabinoids in palliative care is leading to changes in legislation in many countries therefore permitting greater use of this substance prescribed for extended indications including palliative care, intractable epilepsy, chronic pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), and many other symptoms. This study is a literature review that aims to deliberate on the restrictions of the greater use of cannabinoids in patients who need palliative care. The research process for this study occurred in August 2023 and consisted of a search on the database platforms PubMed and Scholar Google using the keywords ‘Medical cannabis’, ‘palliative care’, ‘cannabinoids’, and ‘review’. The logical operators were also used for more precise results. Although the number of prescriptions of medicinal cannabinoids supplied by physicians is increasing such as the number of publications about the use of cannabinoids in palliative care, the evidence supporting it is still limited. This study aims to discuss the challenges of the use of cannabinoids in patients who need palliative care.

Keywords: Medical cannabis, palliative care, cannabinoids, review.
Challenges of the Greater Use of Cannabinoids in Palliative Care
Alves dos Santos, Raíssa
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Abstract: Rasmussen’s encephalitis is a rare and debilitating neurological disease that affects mainly children and young adults. It is characterized by chronic inflammation of the brain, which results in frequent seizures, loss of brain function and permanent damage. Symptoms of Rasmussen syndrome usually begin with simple partial seizures, which can progress to more severe and frequent seizures. This article will address the main aspects of RE, including its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and possible clinical case.

Keywords: Autoimmune disease; Seizure; Encephalitis; Hemispherectomy; Child.
Rasmussen’s Encephalitis: Literature Review and Case Study
Brum dos Santos, Ana Beatriz
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