The UNIGOU Program provides Brazilian undergraduate students with the unique opportunity to participate in academic and scientific endeavors alongside distinguished researchers of the Czech Republic. Throughout the program, students actively engage in academic pursuits within an international context, fostering the development of a network of colleagues in Europe.

The UNIGOU Program offers three distinct variants for participation, tailored to suit the preferences of individual students. These include UNIGOU Remote, UNIGOU Training, and UNIGOU Exchange, providing participants with flexible options to engage with the program according to their specific interests and needs.

Unigou Scientific Training Program

The program offers Brazilian students the opportunity to engage in research learning and practices aligned with international standards within an online environment. Participants extend their knowledge and gain new
experience through the extensive scientific training and set of webinars.

Unigou Exchange Program

The traditional program of academic internships provides Brazilian university students an opportunity to join scientific departments at Czech universities during two-month exchange stays. Participants engage in active collaboration under the supervision of Czech researchers.

Unigou Remote Program

The UNIGOU Remote program provides Brazilian students the possibility to engage in remote research practices in direct cooperation with distinguished Czech researchers and undergo an extensive scientific training in an online environment, without the need to leave Brazil.

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UNIGOU Scientific Training Program

The UNIGOU Scientific Training has a duration of approximately 140 hours. The participating students will be guided through the academic writing process and will be required to write an international scientific article to be published at INCBAC official media.

  • 140 hours of active learning, academic practices and assignments.
  • Scientific article within the international standards  to be published at INCBAC media.
  • Set of professional webinars targeting various topics related to the personal, professional and academic development of participants.

UNIGOU Exchange Program

The UNIGOU Exchange Program of Academic Internships targets Brazilian students who want to personally join scientific departments at cooperating Czech universities.

  • Length of internship 2 months
  • Communication solely in English
  • Areas of interest Engineering, Basic Sciences and Humanities

UNIGOU Remote Program

The UNIGOU Remote Program is conducted online and consists of 3 individual parts: Scientific Training, Academic Collaboration and Professional Webinars. The combination of these 3 parts aims to accomplish different aspects of the professional scientific development of the participating students while also providing tools for a broader understanding of research practices in an international context.


UNIGOU Remote Scientific Training

140 hours of active learning, academic practice and assignments.

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UNIGOU Remote Academic Collaboration

Direct collaboration with Czech researchers on a selected topic

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UNIGOU Remote Professional Webinars

Topics covering professional and academic development.

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Unigou Scientific Training 2024 Calendar

Applications Period: 14/05 - 01/07 (extended)
Online Assessment Tests and
Processing of Applications: 15/05 - 04/07 (extended)
Selection Process Results: 27/05 - 04/07 (extended)
UNIGOU Training Program: 08/07 - 30/09 2024
UNIGOU Training Time-Load: 140 hours *

* UNIGOU Training is conducted online, providing participants with the full flexibility to customize their schedules and accomplish the program in accordance with their time availability and other activities.

Unigou Exchange 2024/2025 Calendar

Applications & Online Assessments: 01/03 - 31/05
Processing of Applications: 01/04 - 30/06
Results of the Selection Process: 30/04 - 15/07
UNIGOU Exchange Autumn 2024: 08/10 - 06/12 2024
UNIGOU Exchange Winter 2025: 14/01 - 14/03 2025 *
UNIGOU Exchange Spring 2025: 01/04 - 30/05 2025

* (Winter period offers a limited number of 15 placements)

Unigou Remote 2025 Calendar


Application Period: 01/08 - 14/10
Online Assessment Tests: 08/08 - 21/10
Processing of Applications: 21/10 - 24/11
Results of the Selection Process: 25/11 - 09/12
UNIGOU Remote Program: 20/01 - 20/04 2025

Selected INCBAC news

UNIGOU Gathering 2020

The annual Final Gathering of the UNIGOU Program took place on the 28th of February in the Respirium Room, CIIRC of the Czech Technical University in Prague. For a couple of hours, Brazilian students who have just spent last weeks working as interns on scientific projects mingled and shared experiences from their work and stay in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic and the Lusophonic Countries: International Conference

The Institute of Czech-Brazilian Academic Cooperation (INCBAC), the Department of Music of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (UWB), and the State University of Rio Grande do Sul (UERGS) had the pleasure to cooperate on organization of the professional two-day international conference CRLC 2020.

Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes Brazilian UNIGOU students at Czernin Palace

A group of Brazilian students was warmly received at the Czernin Palace in Prague, known to be the biggest and most iconic palace in the Czech capital. The ostensible construction currently operates as the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and constantly hosts meetings of heads of states.

UNIGOU 2020 Final Ceremony at CTU in Prague

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